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Photo of Kieffer Sanitation recycling compactor outside building.

Recycling Collection Services

Residential Recycling Commercial Recycling Construction Recycling

Kieffer offers recycing collection services in a growing number of communities.  To learn if Kieffer offers residential, commercial or construction recycing collection services in your community, check out the Kieffer Sanitation Service Area Map.  When you click on a specific town's marker, a menu will display what Kieffer services are available.

Recycling has become crucial in today's world and Kieffer Sanitation would like to extend our help by making the process easy and efficient for our customers while we strive to be the leading Rapid City waste management and recycling facility. Instead of tossing away materials, a valuable resource is produced by recycling, creating a sustainable environment for future generations. Recycling in Rapid City and the Black Hills area is simple with Kieffer Sanitation.

We want to make recycling in Rapid City area businesses as well construction sites an easy task because we understand the importance of sustainable work and construction practices. There are several steps you can take to do your part and decrease your eco footprint; one of these steps is recycling. We strongly encourage participation in our recycling program!

Businesses run through an exceptional amount of recyclable waste. Kieffer Sanitation is here to guide you on your path to becoming environmentally friendly with our Rapid City waste management and recycling programs. We accept an assorted list of recyclables and offer separate receptacles for commercial dumping to make your recycling efforts convenient and simple. It's easy to become environmentally conscious with Kieffer Sanitation assisting your recycling efforts.

At Kieffer Sanitation, we strive to make construction recycling smart and simple. We accept a variety of recyclable items to help minimize waste on any project. With recycling options that service all construction projects, our goal is to provide recycling needs geared toward minimizing the impact on our environment. We understand construction projects require extensive planning and preparation to be completed in a timely manner, that's why we are delighted to answer any questions you may have to help your recycling efforts move along quickly.

For all of your recycling collection needs call or contact us online today. 

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Kieffer Sanitation Service Area Map

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